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Install Central Air

Install Central Air with Method Air Furnace and Air Conditioning in Draper, UT

With the many air conditioning options out there, it can be hard to know which option is the best for your home. So, in order to simplify your A/C search, we prepared the following information about the benefits of installing central air.

Install Central Air - Method Air Furnace & Air Conditioning | Draper, UT

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What is central air?

A central air conditioning unit uses your home’s own system of ducts to circulate cool air through your entire house. It uses a series of return ducts to suck hot air out of the rooms in your house, passes that air through an outdoor air conditioner to cool the air, and then returns the newly cooled air back into your house through a series of supply ducts. Central air systems can be installed as a split-system, with heating and cooling units (i.e. furnace and compressor) installed separately, or as a packaged system, with a single unit managing heating and cooling functions.

Why choose central air?

There are many advantages to choosing central air to cool your house. Central air conditioners are much less distracting than other types of air conditioners. They’re quieter, and they don’t take up room in your house or at a window because the main unit is located outside. What’s more, a central air system costs a lot less because it uses far less energy to cool multiple rooms at once. For specific prices and payment options, call us today at 801­610­2493, and be sure to ask about our special offers.

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