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Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber for your Utah Indoor Air Quality


Indoor air quality is an important aspect of any home. An Air Scrubber is a top-rated purifier that cleans and sanitizes the air in your home.

Method Air our indoor air quality experts have the best Air Cleaner systems through our partnership with leading manufacturers providing quality air scrubbers in today’s hvac market. A properly installed device should be quiet and efficient while cleaning your air through industrial grade technology. An Air Scrubber reduces up to 99% of surface micro- organisms throughout your home or office. This process starts by sanitizing surfaces and your furnace so that the air that it distributes starts pure from the source, making this the most reliable whole home Air Scrubber for your furnace system.

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indoor air scrubber

As the air is distributed through the entire house or business, the scrubber continually purifies the air. This allows the air you breathe to always have fresh, quality air that rarely smells stale or reused.

There are many advantages to working with a local Utah HVAC company. Method Air provides the best service, installation support and the best technologies available in the heating and cooling industry for your furnace and central air conditioning systems. Additionally, there are customizable thermostats, to optimize your living experience.

Our company and technicians provide all season hvac services, all of our units are professionally installed, and our technicians will walk you through the basics of your new Air Scrubber system. We also provide an expert buying guide so that you can take advantage of reduced costs and amazing prices thanks to our special rebates for first time and returning customers.

Our indoor air solutions range from whole home humidifiers, air purifiers and many more air solutions to include sales and basic training if needed after installation. We service residential and business clients all along the Wasatch front in Utah.


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